Bridges – Bridge geomorphic features were first described by Gardner and Armstrong (2011) as blocks of material that partially infill the Mariana Trench in four locations, forming a “bridge” across the trench.  In this study we have extended Gardner and Armstrong’s (2011) interpretation and applied it to all troughs and trenches and have identified a number of bridge features that appear to partially infill trenches and troughs in the global ocean.  Slumping on the sides of some troughs and trenches has formed a bridge across the trench/trough, thereby dividing it into two separate sections

Statistics of bridges (after Harris et al., 2014).

OceanBridge area km2Number of BridgesAverage Bridge Size km2
Arctic Ocean50230
Indian Ocean224012190
Mediterranean and Black Sea 2701820
North Atlantic Ocean2101610
North Pacific Ocean24103370
South Atlantic Ocean60420
South Pacific Ocean28503290
Southern Ocean170820
All Oceans827012570

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Harris, P.T., MacMillan-Lawler, M., Rupp, J., Baker, E.K., 2014. Geomorphology of the oceans. Marine Geology 352, 4-24.